SS 10 Jeopardy Part 2


Question: This act was created to halt immigration from "undesirable" British colonies. 
Answer: The Continuous Passage Act

Question: This group of people made up the majority of the FIRST wave of immigrants in the early 1800's. 
Answer: Loyalists. 

Question: These immigrants came during the second wave of immigration, they risked their lives by going on an overcrowded, unsanitary ship that carried passengers who potentially had this disease. 
Answer: Typhus

Question: During the Caribou gold rush, this group of immigrants experienced discrimination by being forced to mine in areas that had already been mined, and were forced to live on the outskirts of the communities. 
Answer: Chinese immigrants 

Question: Harriet Tubman helped guide these people to Canada. 
Answer: African-American Slaves 

Western Canada

Answer: Chinese Railroad Workers 

Question: This policy was aimed at settling the "Last Best West."  It gave preference to Central and Eastern Europeans who were familiar with dryland farming. 
Answer: Open Door policy

Question: Because of this unfortunate date in Vancouver in 1907 the following occurred: 
heightened racial feelings/ increased racism that this day demonstrateddirected towards all non-white groups throughout Canada as white supremacy tookhold – increased Head tax and further limitation  of Asian immigration

Answer: Race Riots of 1907

Question: This school system was designed to "Kill the Indian in the Child"
Answer: Residential Schools 

Question: The main town of the Caribou Gold Rush 
Answer: Barkerville 

Significant Men and Organizations of Men

Question: This man was the leader for the Rebellion in 1837 in Upper Canada. He owned and operated the Colonial Advocate. 
Answer: William Lyon Mackenzie 

Question: The first French Prime Minister
Answer: Laurier 

Question: This Parti-Bleu Leader was part of the Great Coalition that was responsible for Confederation 
Answer: George-Etienne Cartier

Question: This man was the Metis leader of the North West Rebellions. 
Answer: Louis Riel 

Question: This group of men were created to be a police force and a paramilitary organization. They were established because the government feared that the presence of whiskey traders could lead to the loss of territory to Americans.

Answer: North West Mounted Police 

Random Facts About Canada

Question: One of the major reasons for Confederation. The fear of this American belief led to the joining of the colonies, the creation of the North West Mounted Police and campaigns like the Last Best West. 
Answer: Manifest Destiny

Question: Canada has not always had a clean political history. This politician was forced out of office because of political scandal where he was accused to accepting bribes. 
Answer: John A. Macdonald

Question: The first four provinces to join confederation in 1867. 
Answer: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario

Question: This territory which would eventually would become part of BC was populated partly by Americans. Americans wanted to encourage settlement in this area and take it over. 
Answer: The Oregon Territory

Question: This Province was the last to join Canada in 1949. 
Answer: Newfoundland

Foreign issues that impacted Canada

Question: This war caused a split in the Canadian Population. British loyalists wanted to go and fight, while French Canadians wanted no part in supporting the war as they thought it showed Canada was still tied to Britain. 
Answer: The Boer War

Question: This famine caused a number of immigrants to come to Canada. 
Answer: The potato famine. 

Question: This war in the 1700's impacted Canada because it determined that the North American Colonies would solely become British, and it somewhat indirectly led to the American Revolution. 
Answer: The Seven Years War OR the British French War

Question: This issue was presented to Canada because the British wanted money for their Navy. However, Canada decided to create it's own "tin pot" navy rather than funding a foreign Navy. 
Answer: The Naval Issue 

Question: This issue of impressment of American Naval personal by the British Navy was a contributing cause of this war. 
Answer: The War of 1812