Nifty Fifty Northeast History and Culture #2

The Beautiful Northeast

Question: What is hydroelectricity?
Answer: Hydroelectricity is electricity made by water.

Question: How much electrical power can Niagara Falls generate at once?
Answer: Niagara Falls can generate enough power to light twenty four million, one hundred watt bulbs at once.

Question: Where does the Appalachian Mountain Range begin and end?
Answer: The Appalachian Mountains start in Canada and go to Alabama.

Question: Where are the Green Mountains and the White Mountains located? How did they get their names?
Answer: The Green Mountains are in Vermont. The White is in New Hampshire. Green got its name by its severe green forests. White got its name by their snow-covered peaks.

Question: How are the coastlines of Maine and New Jersey different?
Answer: The coastlines in Maine are different than New Jersey because Maine has rocky beaches, and New Jersey has sandy ones.

The Beautiful Northeast - Taking a Stand

Question: Personal Connections: What special places in the Northeast region have you visited? What was special about them?
Answer: I have visited the Poconos. It was special because I went with Grandma and Pop-Pop. Also because we went on a nice long hike and I saw plants and waterfalls. It was so much fun!

Question: What is the importance of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?
Answer: Abolitionists met in 1893 forming the anti-slavery society.

Question: What is the importance of William Lloyd Garrison?
Answer: Published a newspaper called the Liberator so he could bring freedom to slaves, and Liberator means one who brings freedom

Question: What is the importance of Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth?
Answer: Adressed abolitionist meetings and told about their lives as slaves

Question: What is the importance of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott?
Answer: Organized the women's rights convention

Taking A Stand - Cities Grow and Change

Question: What is the importance of Seneca Falls, New York?
Answer: The Women's rights convention took place there in 1848

Question: What is the importance of Susan B. Anthony?
Answer: Was one of the leaders of the women's rights movement

Question: What are the three largest cities in the early history of the United States? How were they formed?
Answer: The three largest cities in the early history of the United States are New York City, New York; Boston, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia began as ports where ships docked, and started growing when they trade with Europe.

Question: What's commerce? Can you think of a type of commerce taking place today?
Answer: Commerce is the buying and selling of goods. Fruits at the supremarket.

Question: What is a merchant?
Answer: Merchants are people who set up shops in port cities to sell imported goods.

Cities Grow and Change

Question: What is the definition of an import? What are some things that are imported to the United States today?
Answer: An import is an item that is brought from a brood to be offered for sale.

Question: What is an export? Can you think of things the USA might export to other countries?
Answer: An export is an item sent from one country to be sold in an other.

Question: Why was Pittsburgh, PA important to trade and the shipping of goods?
Answer: Pittsburgh, PA was important because three major rivers met there.

Question: Name some important Northeast cities and some of their landmarks.
Answer: Some important cities are Boston, New York, and Philadephia. The New York Empire State Building, and the Liberty Bell.

Question: Who was Andrew Carnegie and why is he an important person in United States history?
Answer: Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland. He made steel and iron factories When Carnegie sold his company he became the richest person in the world

A Land of New Beginnings

Question: What is a colony?
Answer: A colony is a settlement of people who come from one country to live in another.

Question: In which U.S. city was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Answer: The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Question: Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Question: What was the first capital city of the United States? What was the second?
Answer: The first capital city of the U.S. was New York City, New York. The second was Philadelphia.

Question: What were some of the reasons immigrants come to America?
Answer: Some of the reasons immigrants came to America was because they were looking for jobs.