Avancemos 5-2 Review

Mandatos (translate)

Question: Open the window
Answer: Abre la ventana.

Question: Wrap the gifts.
Answer: Envuelve los regalos.

Question: Set the table.
Answer: Pon la mesa.

Question: Make the bed.
Answer: Haz la cama.

Question: Come to the party!
Answer: ¡Ven a la fiesta!

Verbos (translate)

Question: I'm giving a party.
Answer: Doy una fiesta.

Question: Are you coming to the party?
Answer: ¿Vienes a la fiesta?

Question: She wraps gifts well.
Answer: Ella envuelve regalos bien.

Question: I'm leaving today.
Answer: Salgo hoy.

Question: Who is bringing the cake?
Answer: ¿Quién trae el pastel?


Question: What is the capital of Ecuador?
Answer: Quito

Question: The week-long celebration
includes many parades, concerts, dances, fireworks and the Reina de Quito beauty pageant. Many young people build and decorate wooden cars to race in competitions for their age level.
Answer: Fiestas de Quito. (Celebrating the founding of Quito)

Question: Who were the indigenous people who lived in what is now Ecuador and Peru?
Answer: Inca

Question: The Otavalos are famous for their _____.
Answer: Textiles.

Question: Although near the equator, the capital of Ecuador has fairly cool weather due to its _______.
Answer: Elevation.

Acabar de... (answer with)

Question: Pon la mesa.
Answer: Acabo de ponerla.

Question: Lava los platos.
Answer: Acabo de lavarlos.

Question: Marta necesita sacar la basura.
Answer: Acaba de sacarla.

Question: Ellos tienen que pasar la aspiradora en la sala.
Answer: Acaban de pasarla.

Question: Los estudiantes necesitan hacer la tarea.
Answer: Acaban de hacerla.

Preguntas (answer)

Question: ¿Qué buscas?
Answer: Busco... (un regalo, un pastel...)

Question: ¿Qué cocinas para la fiesta?
Answer: Cocino... (un pastel, una pizza...)

Question: ¿Dónde está la fiesta?
Answer: Está... (en mi casa, en el parque,...)

Question: ¿Cuántas personas vienen a la fiesta?
Answer: ______ (muchas, cien,...) personas vienen a la fiesta.

Question: ¿Quién puede darle de comer al perro?
Answer: Yo puedo (Ella puede...) darle de comer al perro.