Family Game Night


Question: 45=9x solve for x
Answer: x=5

Question: 360/8=?
Answer: 45

Question: 980*2-60=
Answer: 1,900

Question: 96/3+4=
Answer: 36

Question: If Sarah is walking and she travels 3 miles in 20 minutes how long will walk 36 miles?
Answer: 4 hours


Question: what is the first step to the scientific method?
Answer: Problem

Question: what is the symbol for hydrogen on the periodic table ?
Answer: H

Question: what era are we in?
Answer: Cenozoic

Question: who discovered the world was round?
Answer: Pythagoras

Question: What day did the Colombia crash?
Answer: February 1 2003


Question: where was the fist you tube video filmed
Answer: a Zoo

Question: which word in computing is half a bite?
Answer: A NIBBLE!!

Question: how long is gold fishes memory?
Answer: 3 seconds.

Question: what is a group of unicorns called?
Answer: a blessing

Question: where was the fortune cookie invented?
Answer: AMERICA!!!

Social Studies

Question: what president is on the five dollar bill?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question: the president is the chief of what branch?
Answer: Executive

Question: when was the Civil War fought?
Answer: 1861-1865

Question: how long is a senators term?
Answer: 6 years

Question: what president wanted to be an actor?
Answer: Ronald Regan


Question: how big is a baby kangaroo when its born?
Answer: 1 inch

Question: what is the cross between a zebra and donkey?
Answer: Zonkey

Question: what is the worlds most popular first name?
Answer: Muhammad

Question: what is the cover of a shoe lace called?
Answer: An aglet

Question: when was g-mail founded?
Answer: April 1st 2004