Tech Quiz


Question: Name as many hard woods as you can...
Answer: Beech, Oak, Ash, Mahogany, Teak.

Question: What are the properties of Pine?
Answer: Easy to work, quite cheap, readily available. May also contain resin pockets which darken with time and add to the aesthetic quality.

Question: Name as many types of manufactured board as you can...
Answer: Plywood, Blockboard, Chipboard, MDF, Hardboard

Question: What does MDF stand for?
Answer: Medium Density Fibreboard.

Question: Name as many wood finishes as you can...
Answer: Wax, Oil, Stain, French polish, Sealer, Varnish, Paint.


Question: What is a ferrous metal?
Answer: Ferrous metals contain iron and small amounts of other metals or elements.

Question: Name as many non-ferrous metals as you can...
Answer: Copper, Aluminium, Zinc, Gold.

Question: What are the properties of Brass?
Answer: Heavy, quite hard, gold in colour, easily machined and joined by soldering.

Question: What is an alloy?

Question: What are the uses of cast-iron?
Answer: Heavy crushing machinery, car brake disks, vice or machine parts.


Question: What are the different kinds of thermoplastics?

Question: What are plastics mainly made out of, and how do we get this material?
Answer: Crude oil, can be found at the bottom of the ocean, made through the decomposition of dead sea life, extracted through oil rigs.

Question: What is the main disadvantage of crude oil?
Answer: It is not a renewable material and it is running out very quickly. Their is high demand for oil.

Question: What is a thermosetting plastic?
Answer: When heated and cooled, the plastic will stay in its current shape permanently.

Question: Name as many kinds of thermosetting plastics as you can...
Answer: Epoxy resins, Melamine formaldehyde, Phenol formaldehyde, Polyester resins, Urea formaldehyde.

Smart materials

Question: What is the difference between Photochromic inks and Thermochromic inks?
Answer: Photochromic= Reacts with light.
Thermochromic= Reacts with temperature.

Question: What is Nanotechnology?
Answer: The science of objects smaller than one nanometre.

Question: Name a smart material used to with stand being deformed...
Answer: Shape memory alloy.

Question: What baby products are good for Thermochromic pigments?
Answer: Cutlery (Feeding spoons).

Question: What is polymorph?
Answer: Plastic granules which turns to a mouldable state when heated. It can be remoulded multiple times.

Workshop tools

Question: Name a tool which can be used to smooth down wood.
Answer: Disk sander

Question: Which tool can be used to drill holes into wood.
Answer: Pillar drill

Question: Why do you need to wear goggles when using a disk sander or pillar drill?
Answer: To protect yours eyes.

Question: What can you use to mould plastic?
Answer: Vacuum former

Question: Which tool can be used to make complex moulds?
Answer: Boxford