Epic of Gilgamesh

Question: What weapon was used to kill Humbaba?
Answer: With an Axe.

Question: What does Gilgamesh call the Forrest?
Answer: The Dark.

Question: What does Enkidu fear?
Answer: That his friend is weakening.

Question: Why does Humbaba rush to the scene?
Answer: He heard the sound of Falling trees.

Question: Who built the Ark.
Answer: Utnapishtim.

The Odyssey

Question: Why Does Telemachus visit Nestor?
Answer: To ask him what he knew of Odysseus, his father.

Question: what killed Odysseus's mother?
Answer: Grief, sadness, basically heartbroken.

Question: Why does Odysseus have suitors?
Answer: Because she was a Hottie!

Question: Why did odysseus leave Troy?
Answer: Kicked enough Butt and wanted to go home.

Question: How many of Oddyseus's men into pigs?
Answer: 22 and forever cursing us with that term of endearment.


Question: How is Grendel Cruel?
Answer: He comes and murder then eat innocent danes.

Question: What does Beowulf take from Grendel's mother?
Answer: Grendel's head and the hilt of the giant sword.

Question: How much times time does the Beowulf span?
Answer: Over 50 years.

Question: Where was Beowulf from in the story?
Answer: He was Geat from Geatland,

Question: Who Taunts Beowulf?
Answer: Unferth.

Canterbury Tale

Question: what is the haberdasher?
Answer: The dude who sales and makes men clothing.

Question: What do three rioters demand from the old man?
Answer: They wanted to find death to kill him for killing there friend.

Question: What do women most desire?
Answer: they want to be in charge of there husbands and make their own decisions.

Question: Who is the brother of the Parson?
Answer: The plowman.

Question: Who is the main character?
Answer: he Knight.

Don Quixote

Question: What is the nationality of Don Quixote?
Answer: Spanish.

Question: How many expeditions does Don Quixote make without Sancho Panza.
Answer: One.

Question: Why does Don Quixote return home in a cage?
Answer: He believes he is enchanted and cant get out.

Question: Who is the best friend of Don Quixote?
Answer: Soncho Panza.

Question: What was the giant that Don Quixote do battle with?
Answer: The Windmill.