America's 1st English Colonies

Sir Walter Raleigh

Question: This is the reason that Queen Elizabeth put Raleigh and his wife in prison.
Answer: What is because they were married without the Queen's permission?

Question: Late in Raleigh's life, he was sentenced to death by King James and beheaded for this reason, which means to betray one's country or government.
Answer: What is he was accused of treason?

Question: Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to establish this colony.
Answer: What is the colony of Roanoke?

Question: These were the occupations of Sir Walter Raleigh.
Answer: What is a poet, merchant, soldier, and explorer?

Question: Queen Elizabeth was very close with Sir Walter Raleigh and gave him land and riches, and even made him this, giving him the title 'Sir."
Answer: What is she made him a knight?


Question: These people, who agreed to work for someone who paid for their way to the New World, helped to build the colony of Jamestown.
Answer: Who are indentured servants?

Question: This was the major problem caused by the new colonists of Jamestown.
Answer: What is they did not know how to produce their own food, causing there to be very little food supply available?

Question: John Smith saved the colony of Jamestown throughhis leadership and this key phrase.
Answer: What is "He who does not work, does not eat."

Question: The following happened to Jamestown after John Smith was badly injured and had to return to England.
Answer: What is Jamestown experienced the "Starving Years?"

Question: This person's experiment with growing tobacco in Virginia helped the colonists to begin seeing a profit, finally.
Answer: Who is John Rolfe?

Working in Jamestown

Question: This tool allowed colonists to make boards from wood to build houses in the colony.
Answer: What is a pit saw?

Question: The marriage of these two helped to bridge the relationship between the settler's and the American Indian tribes local to Jamestown.
Answer: Who are John Rolfe and Pocahontas?

Question: This major change to the Jamestown colony helped the colony to grow by creating families.
Answer: What is introducing women to the colony?

Question: These types of workers being brought to the New World, was a major change because helped to build and plant that was needed to profit.
Answer: Who are the indentured servants?

Question: The formation of this allowed for laws to be made and passed, and began the idea of self-rule in the New World.
Answer: What is the Virginia House of Burgesses?

Roanoke Island

Question: This was the name of the Native American tribe that lived near the colony of Roanoke. It was also the only word carved on a tree found in the abandoned village that John White discovered on his voyage back from England.
Answer: What is Croatoan?

Question: This person chartered the trip for Sir Walter Raleigh to come to the New World to begin a colony.

Answer: Who is Queen Elisabeth?

Question: John White, the governor, was asked to return to England by his colonists for what reason.

Answer: What is because food and supplies were running low?

Question: This delayed John White for three years upon his return to Roanoke Island.
Answer: What is England was at war with Spain?

Question: This is the reason that the Roanoke colony vanished.
Answer: What is it remains a mystery until this day?

Which 'John' is it?

Question: This skilled planter developed a method for planting tobacco in Jamestown, Virginia so well, it turned into a cash crop.
Answer: Who is John Rolfe?

Question: This man initially went to the colony of Roanoke as an artist, but later became its governor.
Answer: Who is John White?

Question: This man stated "If you do not work, you do not eat." to his fellow colonists in order to motivate them to work and save the colony of Jamestown.
Answer: Who is John Smith?

Question: Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan, married this man who helped teach the colonist's of Jamestown to grow tobacco.
Answer: Who is John Rolfe?

Question: The Virginia Company of London paid this man, for his trip to the New World to establish a colony.
Answer: Who is John Smith?