Lesson 25 The New Friend

The New Friend

Question: Who moves into the new house?
Answer: Makoto and his family

Question: How do you know that the boy telling the story is helpful?
Answer: He helps carry in the bags.

Question: What sentence tells us that Makoto is a good soccer player?
Answer: He kept running and running.

Question: Why do Makoto's parents give the boys cookies?
Answer: They want to thank them for carrying in the bags.

Question: Who is the narrator of the story?
Answer: a seven year old boy in the story


Question: a group of people that may include a mom, dad, brother, and sister
Answer: family

Question: A place with lots of buildings and people.
Answer: city

Question: A place that you go to learn.
Answer: school

Question: to make a purchase with money
Answer: buy

Question: 10-3=
Answer: seven

au, aw and oi, oy

Question: a tool used to cut wood
Answer: saw

Question: not a girl
Answer: boy

Question: something that you can play with
Answer: toy

Question: another word for dirt
Answer: soil

Question: to carry something in a truck, such as rocks or sand
Answer: haul

ou, ow words

Question: A place where you live.
Answer: house

Question: A small animal that likes cheese
Answer: mouse

Question: Antonym for in
Answer: out

Question: What you might say if you get hurt
Answer: ouch

Question: Something that a girl may wear. Cinderella wore one to the ball.
Answer: gown

Tell me more

Question: Why did the author write the story?

To tell me facts about soccer.

To tell me a story about Makoto making friends.
Answer: To tell me a story about Makoto making friends.

Question: What is the setting of the story?


A neighborhood in the United States
Answer: A neighborhood in the United States

Question: How do you know that Makoto has not been in the U.S. long?
Answer: He is seven and there is a picture of his seventh birthday party in Japan.

Question: How do you know that a character from the story is telling the story?
Answer: He says I.

Question: Why are the boys glad at the end of the story?
Answer: Makota is going to their school.