Legislative Branch


Question: How old must a Representative be to be in the House?
Answer: 25 years old

Question: How many Representatives does Indiana have?
Answer: 9

Question: How many members are in the US House of Representatives?
Answer: 435

Question: How much do Representatives Make? (Nearest $10,000)
Answer: $174,000

Question: Which side is the House of Representatives on? (North, South, East, West, or middle)
Answer: South


Question: How many Senators are from each state?
Answer: 2

Question: How long must a Senator reside in the US to be elected to office?
Answer: 9 years

Question: How many Senators are in the Senate?
Answer: 100

Question: How long is a senator in office after election?
Answer: 6 years

Question: How many Senators represent the US Virgin Islands?
Answer: None

Bill - Law

Question: How many steps does the House go through to pass a bill?
Answer: 7

Question: What is the first step needed to create a bill?
Answer: Form an idea for a new law

Question: How much more time does the Senate get for floor action than the House of Representatives?
Answer: Unlimited Time

Question: Other than signing or vetoing, what else can the president do to a bill on his desk?
Answer: "Let it sit" (do nothing)

Question: What does the president do with the pens used to sign laws?
Answer: He gives them away to bill supporters


Question: Who is the leader of the executive branch?
Answer: Barrack Obama (president)

Question: Who is the Representative of the 8th district of Indiana?
Answer: Dr. Larry Buschon

Question: Who Represents Indiana in the Senate?
Answer: Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats

Question: In the line of succession of president, who is the 3rd to take office?
Answer: President Pro Tempore (Patrick Leahy)

Question: Which member of the US House of Representatives is known for crying in front of the media?
Answer: Speaker of the House (John Boener)

Misc. Facts

Question: How many fingers were on George Washington's left hand?
Answer: Five

Question: Approximately how tall was Abe Lincoln's hat?
Answer: Very

Question: What color is the White House?
Answer: White

Question: How many years did it take to rebuild Capitol Hill after the destruction in the movie "Olympus Has Fallen."
Answer: Zero (it was just a movie)

Question: What is President Obama's Maiden Name?
Answer: Obama (he's a dude)