Chapter 15 Jeopardy


Question: This word means loyalty to one's area rather than to the nation as a whole?
Answer: Sectionalism

Question: This is the idea that the people make choices (like slavery) through their vote?
Answer: popular sovereignty

Question: This party, dedicated to stopping the spread of slavery, came before the Republicans?
Answer: The Free Soil Party

Question: To intentionally withdraw membership from a group.
Answer: Secede

Question: A person who dies for his or her cause?
Answer: martyr


Question: He was a member of Congress who never became president (though he ran a bunch) and is known as the "Great Compromiser?"
Answer: Henry Clay

Question: He worked in Congress to help create the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Answer: Stephen Douglas

Question: This man, along with his sons, was a violent abolitionist who helped start the Civil War.
Answer: John Brown

Question: This man served as president immediately before Lincoln?
Answer: James Buchanan

Question: He was named president of the new Confederate States of America?
Answer: Jefferson Davis


Question: The need for the Compromise of 1850 was brought about by this state asking to join the Union in 1850?
Answer: California

Question: This was the first state to secede?

Answer: South Carolina

Question: A compromise named for this place drew a line across the U.S. along the 30 degree 36' North Latitude line?
Answer: Missouri

Question: John Brown famously raided the arsenal in this town?
Answer: Harper's Ferry, Virginia

Question: The South eventually forced war by attacking this place in April of 1861?
Answer: Ft. Sumter


Question: This slave sued for his freedom after living in free territory?
Answer: Dred Scott

Question: Harriet Beecher Stowe authored this famous book about slavery?

Answer: Uncle Tom's Cabin

Question: This southern Senator tried to block any compromise until he died of tuberculosis?

Answer: John C. Calhoun

Question: Stephen Douglas helped pass this piece of legislation to create a new railroad.
Answer: The Kansas-Nebraska Act

Question: Name three of the four major candidates for President in the election of 1860.
Answer: Abe Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, John Bell, John C. Breckinridge

Southern Capitals

Question: Alabama
Answer: Montgomery

Question: Florida
Answer: Tallahassee

Question: Georgia
Answer: Atlanta

Question: North Carolina
Answer: Raleigh

Question: South Carolina
Answer: Columbia