Geometry Review

Perimeter, Area, Volume

Question: When finding the distance AROUND and object, what are you solving?
Answer: perimeter

Question: To solve a perimeter problem, what math operation do you need to use?
Answer: addition

Question: When trying to find out how much carpet you will need to cover your living room, you will need to present the workers with the ______________ of the room.
Answer: area

Question: Your water supplier charges $0.23/gallon. You have recently decided to fill your pool. In order to predict about how much your water bill will be, you will first need to know the _________________ of your pool.
Answer: volume

Question: When solving for ____________________, you are dealing with a 3D (3 dimensional) figure.
Answer: volume


Question: A triangle with all equal sides and angles is an ___________________ triangle.
Answer: equilateral

Question: A scalene triangle has _____ equal sides.
Answer: 0

Question: One of the base angles of an isoceles triangle measures 70 degrees. What is the measure of the other base angle?
Answer: 70 degrees

Question: With the Pythagorean Theorem you can only use ______________ triangles.
Answer: right

Question: The sides of a triangle measure 4, 6, and 8 inches. What is the perimeter of the triangle?
Answer: 18 inches


Question: A straight line measures __________________ degrees.
Answer: 180

Question: An ______________ measures less than 90 degrees.
Answer: acute

Question: An ______________ angle measures more than 90 degrees.
Answer: obtuse

Question: Two or more angles whose total measure equals 90 degress are ____________________.

A. complimentary
B. supplementary
Answer: A. complimentary

Question: Two or more angles that measure 180 degrees when combines are _________________.

A. complimentary
B. supplimentary
Answer: B. supplimentary

Pythagorean Theorem

Question: What is the Pythagorea Theorem used for?
Answer: To find the length of a side of a right triangle.

Question: A triangles sides measure 3, 4, 5. Is this a right triangle?
Answer: yes

Question: A triangle's sides measure 5, 12, and 13. Is this a right triangle?
Answer: yes

Question: The leg of a triangle measures 7 and the base measures 24. What is the length of the hypotenuse?
Answer: 25

Question: The hypotenuse of a triangle measures 17 and the base measures 15. What is the length of the third side?
Answer: 8

Word Problems

Question: Susan wants to put up fish wall paper along the edges of her son's nursery. If the dimensions of the room are 12 feet by 10 feet, how many feet of wall paper will she need to purchase?
Answer: 44 feet (perimeter problem)

Question: Susan wants to hang yellow wallpaper in her daughter's room. One of the wall's measures 12 feet by 14 feet. How many feet of wall paper will she need to cover 3 of the walls in her daughter's room?
Answer: 504 ft^2 (area problem)

Question: Mr. Dannon wants to purchase a pool, but he wants the one that will cost him the least amount of money in relation to his water bill. Which pool should he purchase?

A. (rectangular pool) 5 feet deep, 20 feet long, 12 feet wide
B. (rectangular pool) 5 feet deep, 10 feet long, 24 feet wide
C. (cylinder) 5 feet high, 20 feet diameter
D. (cube) 10 feet length, width, height
Answer: D. (volume problem)

Question: The neighborhood kids want to install a zipline from the top of the neighborhood hill to the beach below. If the hill is 200 feet high and their desired landing point out is 350 feet from the base of the hill, how much rope will they need for their zipline?
Answer: 403.11 feet or about 404 feet of rope (Pythagorean Theorem problem)

Question: Practice problem
Answer: practice problem