Ford and Carter Jeopardy

Carter and the Energy and Oil Prices

Question: After rest resting Camp David, Carter came back with a solution to which problem?
Answer: The energy crisis

Question: What created the second major fuel shortage in 1979?
Answer: Instability in the Middle East

Question: What best describes the nation's economy during the last two years of Carter's presidency?

Answer: rapid inflation and record high interest rates

Question: What is true of the economy in the early 1980's?
A) The increased cost of imported oil hurt economic growth.
B) The Federal budget was balanced.
C) Inflation declined sharply throughout these years .
D) The number of jobs in farming increased while service jobs decreased.

Answer: A) The increased cost of imported oil hurt economic growth

Question: Which factor contributed most to inflation in the United States during the 1970s?
A) high tariffs
B) oil embargoes
C) tax increases
D) high unemployment

Answer: B) oil embargoes

Carter's Campaign/ Presidency

Question: What state was Carter former governor of?
Answer: Georgia

Question: What name was commonly used to describe Carter and his ability to represent the American people?
Answer: An "Outsider"

Question: What was Carter's appeal to voters?
Answer: His desire for honesty, piety, and shared skepticism of the federal government.

Question: What was Carter most criticized on?
Answer: His lack of an overall vision and direction for the country.

Question: What "sense" did Carter try to incorporate into his presidency in contrast to Nixon's "imperial" style?
Answer: Informality- he once gave a television address in a cardigan in front of a fire with notes in his lap

Camp David Accords

Question: One of Carter's greatest ace omens was a peace treaty between Egypt and who?

Answer: Israel

Question: The prime minister of Sadat and Israel came together with the Egyptian president to sign what formal peace treaty in 1979?

Answer: Camp David Accords

Question: All but one of the following were significant features of Carter's foreign policy in the early years of his administration. Which is the exception?
A) abandoning SALT II as futile
B) completing negotiations to transfer the canal zone to Panama
C) using diplomatic pressure to promote human rights in other countries
D) continuing progress toward improving relations with China
E) negotiating a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt

Answer: A) abandoning SALT II as futile

Question: The Accords led directly to which treaty?

Answer: The Accords led directly to the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

Question: The Camp David accords negotiated during President Jimmy Carter’s administration were an attempt to
A) decrease United States control of the Panama Canal
B) encourage the use of solar and other non-polluting energy sources
C) end inflationary oil prices
D) establish peace in the Middle East

Answer: D) establish peace in the Middle East

Iranian Revolution

Question: What international event did Carter withdraw the U.S. from because of anger towards the Soviet Union?
Answer: The 1980 Summer Olympics (which would be held in Moscow)

Question: On November 4th an armed group of militants invaded the American embassy in Teheran.

True or False?
Answer: True

Question: Since the early 1950s the U.S. provided political support, and eventually military assistance, to what government?
Answer: The shah of Iran

Question: What economic sanction against the Russians did Carter execute?
Answer: The withdrawal of SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks)

Question: How did Carter describe the Soviet Union coup in Afghanistan? (which established a Marxist government)
Answer: "The gravest threat to world peace since World War II."

Human Rights and National Interests

Question: Carter's new foreign policy would defend "human rights" opposed to...?
Answer: "Selfish Interests"

Question: . What was the arms control accord a basis for?

Answer: SALT II

Question: Carter was able to turn over control of the ______ _____ to the government of ______.
Answer: Panama Canal; Panama

Question: The emphasis of moral values in the "Human Rights" policy reminded Americans of...?
Answer: The recent loss of the Vietnam War.

Question: The Marxist government established in Afghanistan was closely tied to the...?
Answer: Kremlin