Romeo and Juliet

Cap. or Mont.

Question: Juliet
Answer: Capulet

Question: Nurse
Answer: Capulet

Question: Tybalt
Answer: Capulet

Question: Benvolio
Answer: Montague

Question: Balthasar
Answer: Montague

The language

Question: rapier
Answer: small sword or dagger

Question: They have made worms' meat of me
Answer: Mercutio is describing that he will die

Question: we'll not carry coals
Answer: We will not be insulted

Question: Do you thumb your finger at us?
Answer: Do you insult us?

Question: Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow
Answer: Saying bye is sad, but it allows a person to be excited to see you again

Famous Lines

Question: Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art though Romeo?
Answer: Juliet, Balcony scene

Question: A plague on both your houses!
Answer: Mercution, before he dies

Question: You are all punished!
Answer: The Prince, when Romeo and Juliet are found dead.

Question: O, I am fortune’s fool!
Answer: Romeo, after he kills Mercutio

Question: I tell you, he that can lay hold of her shall have the chinks.
Answer: Nurse, talking to Romeo about Juliet

The Globe

Question: What was the Globe?
Answer: Theatre where Shakespeare's plays were performed.

Question: The Globe was located in...
Answer: London (Southwark)

Question: Young men played the part of...
Answer: women

Question: Is the Globe still there today?
Answer: Yes, but not the original theatre

Question: Which famous religious group that eventually migrated to the Americas, bought the Globe just to shut it down?
Answer: Puritans

R & J Today

Question: A famous Broadway play that follows the themes of Romeo and Juliet
Answer: West Side Story

Question: What famous band in the 1980s sang a song called "Romeo and Juliet"
Answer: Dire Straits

Question: Taylor Swift song that told the story of Romeo and Juliet..
Answer: "Love Story"

Question: Name of a famous rapper who appeared in Dancing with the Stars and accepted a basketball scholarship to USC.
Answer: Lil' Romeo

Question: Played Juliet in Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet
Answer: Claire Danes