Powers and Word Problems

Word Problems

Question: John is 22. John's older sister is 34. How much older is John's sister than John?
Answer: 12 Years

Question: Ms. Clare swam 2 times as many laps as me at the TEACHER'S GYM. I swam 3 laps. How many laps did Ms. Clare swim
Answer: 6 laps

Question: Jessica makes 10 dollars an hour. If she works 40 hours per week, how much does she make each week?
Answer: 400 dollars per week

Question: Ramona is 33 and her older sister is 47. How old was Ramona's sister when Ramona was born?
Answer: 14 years old

Question: If I have a job that makes 10 dollars an hour and I work 40 hours each week, am I going to have enough each month to cover my 800 dollar rent, 200 dollar car payment, and 100 dollar insurance payment?
Answer: Yes, you will.

You make 1600 dollars each month and your expenses are only 1100 dollars.


Question: Evaluate:

3 to the power of 2
Answer: 3x3 = 9

Question: Evaluate:

3 to the power of 3

Answer: 3x3x3 = 27

Question: Evaluate:

2 to the power of 5
Answer: 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32

Question: Evaluate:

5 to the power of 3
Answer: 5x5x5 = 125

Question: Evaluate:

4 to the power of 6
Answer: 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 4, 096

Word Problems

Question: LeBron James is paid $14,500,000 for an 82 game season, is that more or less than $150,000 per game?
Answer: less

Question: There are 70 hippopotamus's at a pool. 17 rhino's come along and join them. How many hippopotamus's are there in the pool now?
Answer: 70 hippos

Question: Miss Puckett is 24 years old. What year was she born?
Answer: 1990

Question: Vicky's father gave her $176. Vicky bought 7 books, each of which cost $5. How much money does Vicky have left?
Answer: 141 dollars

Question: A group of 4 children and 4 adults are going to the zoo. Child tickets cost $8, and adult tickets cost $10. How much will the zoo tickets cost in all?
Answer: 72$

Fractions to percents

Question: Change this fraction to a percent:

Answer: 50%

Question: Change this fraction to a percent:

Answer: 75%

Question: Change this fraction to a percent:

Answer: 80%

Question: Change this fraction to a percent:

Answer: 85.7 %

Question: Change this to a percent:

Answer: 42.8%

Word Problems

Question: Jim weighs 80 pounds. John weighs 120 pounds. How many more pounds does John weigh than Jim?
Answer: 40 more pounds

Question: George makes 150 dollars per week. How many weeks will it take him to save up for a 1,800 dollar MoPed?
Answer: 12 weeks

Question: Wiz Khalifa has asked Miguel to guest-rap on his latest music video. If Miguel is offered $22,000 to rap in the 4 minute video, how much will he be paid per minute of video?
Answer: 5,500 per minute

Question: There are 7 forks in the silverware drawer. There are 2 more knives than forks, and there are twice as many spoons as knives. How many pieces of silverware are there in all?
Answer: 34

Question: For soccer season, Nathan wants to buy a new soccer ball, a pair of shorts, and a pair of soccer shoes. The ball costs $9.25, the shorts cost $13.40, and the shoes cost $12.65. Nathan has $12.20. How much more money does Nathan need?
Answer: $23.10