Life Science and Math

Life Science

Question: What does a tadpole turn into?
Answer: A frog

Question: How many legs does an insect have??
Answer: 6 legs

Question: How many body parts does an insect have??
Answer: 3....head, thorax, and abdomen

Question: What are the parts of a plant??
Answer: Seeds

Question: What does a plant need to grow???
Answer: Water

Odd Facts

Question: 3+5=
Answer: 8

Question: 4+9=
Answer: 13

Question: 8+3=
Answer: 11

Question: 7+4=
Answer: 11

Question: 9+3=
Answer: 12


Question: How many planets are there??
Answer: 8

Question: Is Pluto considered a planet anymore???
Answer: NO

Question: What does each planet in our solar system revolve around??
Answer: The Sun

Question: True or False...Is the Sun 93 million miles from Earth??
Answer: True

Question: Which planet is the largest??
Answer: Jupiter


Question: What is the closest star to Earth??
Answer: The Sun

Question: How long days it take the Earth to travel around the sun??
Answer: 365.25 days

Question: Which planet is the closest to the Sun??
Answer: Mercury

Question: Which is the only planet that people live on??
Answer: Earth

Question: Which planet is nicknamed the water planet???
Answer: Earth

Doubles Plus 1

Question: 2+3=
Answer: 5

Question: 4+5=
Answer: 9

Question: 5+6=
Answer: 11

Question: 7+8=
Answer: 15

Question: 8+9=
Answer: 17