3rd Math


Question: How many sides does a hexagon have?
Answer: A hexagon has 6 sides.

Question: What is a polygon?
Answer: A polygon is a closed figure made up entirely of line segments.

Question: How many faces does a triangular prism have?
Answer: A triangular prism has 5 faces.

Question: How many edges does a rectangular prism have?
Answer: A rectangular prism has 12 edges..

Question: How many vertices does a cube have?
Answer: A cube has 8 vertices.


Question: Emery drew 3 rows of stick figures. Each row has 9 stick figures. How many stick figures are in 3 rows?
Answer: There are 27 stick figures in 3 rows.

Question: Adam sold 573 pillows in January, 822 pillows in February, and 738 pillows in March. How many pillows did Adam sell during these three months?
Answer: Adam sold 2,133 pillows in three months.

Question: Josh has 5 bags of marbles that have 18 marbles each. He also has 3 bags of marbles that have 13 marbles each. What is the total number of marbles in these 8 bags?
Answer: There are 129 marbles in Josh's 8 bags.

Question: Andy has trumpet practice 4 times every month. Each practice lasts 2 hours. What is the total number of hours that Andy will practice in 9 months?
Answer: Andy will practice his trumpet 72 hours in 9 months.

Question: Gilbert had a total of 85 CDs to put in stacks. He put 27 CDs in one stack and 39 CDs in a second stack. How many CDs did Gilbert have left to put in stacks?
Answer: Gilbert had 19 CDs left to put into stacks.

Area and Perimeter

Question: Terry wants to put a small fence around his rectangular garden. His garden is 24 feet long and 18 feet wide. How many feet of fencing does Terry need to buy?
Answer: Terry needs to buy 84 feet of fencing for his garden.

Question: A square has a side length of 3 m. What is the area of the square?
Answer: The area of the square is 9 square meters.

Question: Brennon needs to put a border around 2 cards. Each card is 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. How much border does Brennon need to put around his cards?
Answer: Brennon needs to put 48 inches of border around his two cards.

Question: A rectangle has an area of 24 square inches and a perimeter of 20 inches. The length of the rectangle is 6 inches. What is it's width?
Answer: The width of the rectangle is 4 inches.

Question: Rectangle Q has a length of 14 mm and a width of 12 mm. Rectangle R has a length of 28 mm and a width of 17 mm. What is the difference between the perimeters of the two rectangles?
Answer: The difference between the perimeters of the two rectangles is 38 millimeters.


Question: Ronnie has 8 clovers with three leaves and 2 clovers with four leaves. What fraction of Ronnie's clovers have 4 leaves?
Answer: 2/10 of Ronnie's clovers have 4 leaves.

Question: Irene drew 8 triangles. She shaded 2 of them. What fraction of the triangles did Irene shade?
Answer: Irene shaded 2/8 of the triangles.

Question: Ian had twelve toy cars. He gave his little brother 5 of the cars. What fraction of the toy cars did Ian keep?
Answer: Ian kept 7/12 of the toy cars.

Question: Macey ordered pizza for dinner last night. The pizza was cut into ten slices. She ate 3 slices and saved the rest for leftovers. What fraction of the pizza did Macey save for leftovers?
Answer: Macey saved 7/10 of her pizza for leftovers.

Question: Carson was practicing free throws. He attempted 15 free throws, but only made 8 of them. What fraction of his free throw attempts did he miss?
Answer: Carson missed 7/15 of his free throw attempts.


Question: True or False: On STAAR day, I'm allowed to whisper when I'm finished testing, as long as I don't disturb those around me.
Answer: False! Talking is NOT allowed at all during testing!

Question: When gridding an answer on the math test, what happens if I get an answer that is 3-digits long, but there are only 2 boxes on the grid?
Answer: If I get an answer that is larger than the grid boxes allow, then I need to go back and reread and rework the problem. I went wrong somewhere.

Question: While taking the STAAR test, if my pencil lead breaks or I need a tissue, what should I do?
Answer: While testing, I should raise my hand if I need something. My teacher will come to my desk and take care of my needs to the best of her abilities.

Question: While taking the Math STAAR test, I come across a word or phrase that I don't know. What kind of help, if any, is the teacher able to provide?
Answer: If asked, the teacher may read the part of the problem that is giving me trouble. She is not allowed to tell me what the word means, explain the problem, or tell me how to solve it.

Question: What am I allowed to do if I finish taking the test and checking over my work and scantron before the testing time is over?
Answer: When I finish taking and checking my test, I'm allowed to sit silently without communicating in any way with any other students, or I may lay my head down. These are my only 2 options.