The Civil War

Vocab Words

Question: This is the military term for those killed, wounded, captured, or missing in action.
Answer: casualties

Question: This is the term for the national paper currency that is not backed by gold.
Answer: greenbacks

Question: This is the term for a tactic in which an enemy is surrounded and starved in order to make it surrender.
Answer: siege

Question: This is the term for soldiers who use surprise raids and hit and run tactics.
Answer: guerillas

Question: This is the term for the legal protection requiring that a court determine if a person is lawfully imprisoned.
Answer: writ of habeas corpus


Question: What was the first major battle of the Civil War?
Answer: The First Battle of Bull Run

Question: Name the two iron clad ships which engaged in battle off the coast of Virginia.
Answer: Monitor and the Merrimack

Question: What was the South's basic strategy at the beginning of the war
Answer: prepare and wait, defensive strategy

Question: What was Lincoln's main goal at the beginning of the war?
Answer: To repair the Union.

Question: Name one advantage of the North and one advantage of the South.
Answer: North- larger population, better transportation, more manufacturing.
South- better leadership, defensive tactics, fighting for a cause


Question: Southerners' commitment to what harmed the war effort, making it difficult to get enough soldiers and supplies?
Answer: states' rights

Question: How did governments in the North and the South find enough soldiers to fight in the war?
Answer: They instituted a draft.

Question: How did Great Britain help the Confederacy?
Answer: They allowed the Confederates to build ships in British ports.

Question: Slaves in which states were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation?
Answer: States controlled by the Confederacy

Question: What was the greatest cause of death for Union and Confederate soldiers?
Answer: Disease


Question: What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?
Answer: Battle of Gettysburg

Question: What strategy did the Union use at Vicksburg?
Answer: siege

Question: Why was 1863 a turning point in the war?
Answer: The Union won major victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

Question: What new form of technology helped people at home to understand the horrors of war?
Answer: photography

Question: What was the purpose of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?
Answer: To honor the soldiers who died in the Battle of Gettysburg and remind the American people why they were fighting: to preserve the United States and its commitment to freedom, equality, and self-government


Question: Why did the Confederates hope to hang on until November of 1864?
Answer: They hoped that the North would elect a new president who would be willing to give the South their independence in order to end the war.

Question: Why did Grant lay siege to Petersburg?
Answer: It was a railroad center and he wanted to cut of supplies to Richmond.

Question: Who assassinated President Lincoln?
Answer: John Wilkes Booth

Question: Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant, marking the unofficial end of the Civil War?
Answer: Appomattox Court House

Question: What event turned the tide of the election of 1864 in Lincoln's favor?
Answer: Sherman's capture of Atlanta