Midwest Quiz #1

Great Lakes

Question: Formed by glaciers during the last Ice Age.
Answer: What are the Great Lakes?

Question: Largest of the Great Lakes
Answer: What is Lake Superior?

Question: The smallest of the Great Lakes
Answer: What is Lake Erie?

Question: America's most famous waterfalls are between these two Great Lakes.

Answer: What are Lake Erie and Lake Ontario?

Question: Name of the midwest that has the most shoreline because it is surrounded by THREE of the Great Lakes
Answer: What is Michigan?

Waterways and Shipping

Question: Rivers, lakes and canals form _________________through which ships can travel.
Answer: What are waterways?

Question: The largest river in the US and an important shipping waterway.
Answer: What is the Mississippi River?

Question: A kind of waterway which has been dug across land by human beings.
Answer: What are canals?

Question: A gated part of a canal or river that allows you to adjust the water level so that ships may pass more easily.
Answer: What is a lock?

Question: A flat-bottomed boat used for shipping goods on the Great Lakes, rivers and canals.
Answer: What is a barge?

States and Capitals

Question: Ohio's capital
Answer: What is Columbus?

Question: State Capital that is located farthest to the north.
Answer: What is Bismark, North Dakota?

Question: One of two state capitals named for US presidents
Answer: What are Lincoln and Madison?

Question: Minnesota's state capital
Answer: What is St. Paul?

Question: The state capital with the French name
Answer: What is Des Moines. Iowa?

The Badlands

Question: The area surrounding the Badlands where grasses grow well and there are not many trees.
Answer: What is the prairie?

Question: The Badlands were formed by the force of the wind and rain wearing away the land. This is called__________.

Answer: What is erosion?

Question: Erosion has uncovered the petrified bones of dinosaurs and plants that lived long ago. These are called __________.

Answer: What are fossils?

Question: Type of landscape where the dinosaurs roamed before the creation of the Badlands
Answer: What is an area of lush plains with rivers flowing through?

Question: What caused the landscape to change and become the Badlands?
Answer: What is a lack of rain caused by the uprising of the Rocky Mountains?


Question: The main reason Midwestern farms do not all grow the same crops
Answer: What is the amount of rainfall in each area?

Question: Growing different crops in different years to keep the soil from running out of nutrients is called___________.

Answer: What is crop rotation?

Question: Spraying water over the fields to feed the plants if there is not enough rain is called ___________________.

Answer: What is irrigation?

Question: Two of the biggest crops grown in different parts of the Midwest are _____________and ________________.
Answer: What are wheat and corn?

Question: Products that are very important to Wisconsin's ecomomy are ______________ and ______________.
Answer: What are milk and dairy products?