Question: How do you say "hi" in Japanese?
Answer: Konnichiwa

Question: Supose it is evening and you said hello to somebody. What would be the correct thing to say?
Answer: Konbanwa

Question: What is the correct pronunciation of the word "NO" in Japanese?
Answer: iie

Question: How do you say "Don't touch my mustache" in Japanese?
Answer: You have never been taught that!! HA HA!!!

Question: What is the the Japanese language called in Japanese?
Answer: Nihongo


Question: Japan is roughly the size of what American state?
Answer: California

Question: Japan has over 40 active what?
Answer: Volcanoes

Question: About 80% of Japan is what?
Answer: Mountains

Question: Japan has more of these than any other country in the world. What is it?
Answer: Earthquakes

Question: What country is Japan's closest neighbor?
Answer: Russia


Question: The current capital of Japan was once called Edo and became the capital in 1601. What is it called today?
Answer: Tokyo

Question: What was the warrior class of Japan called (they no longer exist).
Answer: Samurai

Question: The flag of Japan has a picture of the sun on it. What does the sun on the flag represent?
Answer: The Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Omikami)

Question: What city was the capital of Japan for most of Japanese history (and before the current capital).
Answer: Kyoto

Question: Two Japanese cities were bombed with atomic bombs in August, 1945 at the end of World War Two. Which two cities are they?
Answer: Hiroshima and Nagasaki


Question: Numbers can be written using "Arabic numbers" such as 100. However, in Japanese, they can also be written using Chinese characters. What are Chinese characters called in Japanese?
Answer: Kanji

Question: What number is this: 九十七
Answer: 97

Question: What number is this: 百
Answer: Hyaku (100)

Question: Say the number 47 in Japanese.
Answer: Yon ju nana

Question: What number is this: 九百九十九
Answer: 999


Question: Japan has two major religions. Name one.
Answer: Buddhism and Shinto

Question: Anime is a very popular Japanese art form around the world. However, Anime is the Japanese pronunciation of what English word?
Answer: Animation

Question: What is Manga?
Answer: Japanese comic books

Question: What is the name of the the tallest tower in the world which is located in Tokyo?
Answer: Tokyo Sky Tree

Question: Suppose you wanted to say you were not feeling well in Japanese. How would you express that?
Answer: Genki Janai