American Rev.

Question: Who was America fighting for their freedom?
Answer: Great Britain

Question: Who was the King of Great Britain?
Answer: King George III

Question: What does "taxation without representation" mean?
Answer: Colonists were paying taxes to the British, but had no representation in Parliament.

Question: What did the Declaration of Independence in 1776 do?
Answer: Colonists declared their independence from Great Britain. Explained why they had the right to revolt.

Question: What is the Bill of Rights?
Answer: First 10 amendments of the Constitution. Protects natural rights.

French Rev.

Question: What is divine right rule?
Answer: Power given by God to rule. No one questions God, so no one is to question the King.

Question: Who were the Third Estate?
Answer: Unprivileged class, payed all of the taxes.

Question: Where did King & Queen of France live?
Answer: Palace of Versailles

Question: Who was responsible for the Reign of Terror?
Answer: Maximilien Robespierre

Question: What was Napoleon's Art of War?
Answer: Never had a set battle plan.
Never used the same tactic twice.
Rapid attacks.
Surprise & Speed.

Latin American Rev.

Question: Who helped Venezuela, Bolivia & Columbia in their independence from Spain?
Answer: Simon Bolivar

Question: Who liberated Argentina from Spain & then helped Bolivar?
Answer: Jose de San Martin

Question: Who fought for Haiti's independence?
Answer: L'Ouverture & the slaves.

Question: Who was sent to reclaim Haiti for France and instill slavery again?
Answer: Charles Leclerc

Question: Who is known as the "Father of Mexico" and helped lead the revolution that defeated the Spanish Government in Mexico?
Answer: Father Miguel Hidalgo

Industrial Rev.

Question: Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
Answer: Great Britain

Question: This group of people were often treated very poorly in the factories. They were beaten often and worked very long hours.
Answer: Children

Question: What was the cramped housing called during the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: Tenement Housing

Question: What is it called, when individuals control the factors of production: land, labor & capital?
Answer: Capitalist societies

Question: What 3 things did Union Movements fight for?
Answer: Shorter hours
Better wages
Safer working conditions


Question: Who were the Latin American countries fighting for independence from?
Answer: Spain

Question: Who were Latin American countries fighting for independence from?
Answer: Spain

Question: What is women's suffrage?
Answer: Women's right to vote

Question: Who encouraged workers to overthrow owners, seize control of factories, distribute goods evenly & create economic equality for all people?
Answer: Karl Marx

Question: Who invented the first vaccine for rabies & first treated milk and wine to stop bacteria contamination?
Answer: Louis Pasteur