Question: Continent of Egypt is part of
Answer: What is Africa?

Question: Egypt's major river
Answer: What is the Nile?

Question: Body of water into which Egypt's major river empties
Answer: What is the Mediterranean Sea?

Question: Type of land that bordered Egypt's river valley
Answer: What is a desert?

Question: Colossal statue of a crouching lion with a human head
Answer: What was the Sphinx?


Question: Tombs built to house the rulers
Answer: What werepyramids?

Question: This process preserved bodies for the afterlife
Answer: What was mummification?

Question: Buildings constructed to honor gods
Answer: What were temples?

Question: God of the sun
Answer: Who was Re (Ra)?

Question: Collection of magic spells to help achieve life after death
Answer: What was the Book of the Dead?


Question: Boy-king whose unopened tomb was discovered in 1922
Answer: Who was Tutankhamen? King Tut

Question: Egyptian ruler
Answer: What was a pharaoh?

Question: A series of rulers from a single family
Answer: What was a dynasty?

Question: Ruler who united northern and southern Egypt
Answer: Who was Menes?

Question: Groups that took power away from Egyptian rulers
Answer: Who were priests and nobles?


Question: Ancient Egyptian system of writing
Answer: What was the hieroglyphic system?

Question: Paper-like Egyptian writing material
Answer: What was papyrus?

Question: Artifact that showed how to decipher Egyptian writing
Answer: What was the Rosetta Stone?

Question: Source of wealth for Egypt in addition to agriculture
Answer: What was trade?

Question: Math skill developed by the Egyptians to measure land
Answer: What was geometry?


Question: Important crop in both ancient and modern Egypt
Answer: What was cotton?

Question: Writing and recordkeeping professional
Answer: What was a scribe?

Question: Homes of wealthy Egyptians outside of the city
Answer: What were estates?

Question: Approximate number of pyramids built
Answer: What was 80?

Question: Female ruler who expanded trade and public building
Answer: Who was Hatshepsut?