chasity dunn

Question: whats the definition of "drug"?
Answer: a chemical substance that is taken to cause changes in a person's body or behavior.

Question: what influences teens decisions about drinking?
Answer: the attitudes of peers,family, and the media strongly influences underage drinking.

Question: True or false? alcohol is a depressant?
Answer: true

Question: describe how fermentation produces alcohol?
Answer: microorganisms called yeast feed on the sugars in foods. in the proccess carbon dioxide and alcohol are produced.

Question: what are 5 risks of underage drinking?
Answer: *being injured or killed in a vehicle crash
*committing or being the victim of sexual assault or other violence
*long-term brain damage
*problems with alcohol later in life
*suspension from school,sports team, or other school activities

Question: what legal consequences could you face by possessing alcohol as a minor?
Answer: you could have your drivers license twkn away, or face other stiff penalties.

Question: True or false? Do all alcoholic beverages have the same amount of alcohol in them?
Answer: false

Question: what "side affects" can alcohol cause to the body?
Answer: confusion, decreased alertness, oor coordination, blurred vision, and drowsness.

Question: underage drinking is illegal. in adotion schools have adapted a what policy?
Answer: zero-tolerance

Question: how do you calculate alcohol content?
Answer: divide by two. Example: 100 proof vodka is 50 percent alcohol.

Question: whats the definition of "intoxication"?
Answer: the state in which a person's mental and physical abilities are impaired by alcohol or another substance.

Question: what behaviors do intoxication effect?
Answer: lose judgment and self-control

Question: what does BAC stand for?
Answer: blood alcohol consentration.

Question: hat factors affect a person's BAC?
Answer: the rate of alcohol consumption, the gender and size of the drinker, and how much food in the stomach.

Question: each year crashes, and other injuries related to underage drinking kill about how many youth in the united states?
Answer: 5,000

Question: what is the definition of hangover?
Answer: a term used to describe the after effects of drinking to much alcohol.

Question: true or false? as blood alcohol consentration increases, physical and behavioral effects get more and more severe?
Answer: true

Question: true or false? cold showers,exercise,fresh air, or coffee can make a person "sober up"
Answer: false. nothing can speed the liver's ability to break down alcohol.

Question: intoxication increases the risk of what?
Answer: death in a vehical crash, alcohol overdose, and interactions if alcohol with other drugs.

Question: what body systems are affected by intoxication?
Answer: cardiovascular, nervous,digestive, and excretory system.

Question: what is the definition of BAC?
Answer: the amount of alcohol in a person's bloodstream.

Question: how does body size effect the way someone "feels" alcohol?
Answer: they will have a higher BAC after a similar number of drinks.

Question: what are 4 signs of alcohol poisoning?
Answer: *cold,clammy,pail, or bluish skin.
*slow or irregular respiration
*vomiting while sleeping
*cannot be awakend(unconcious)

Question: alcohol is involved in what percent of vehical crashed?
Answer: 40 percent

Question: two people who drink the same amount of alcohol may not be equally effected. why?
Answer: the effect of alcohol depend on how much is actually circulated in a person's bloodstream.