Science 8 FFD Review

Density, Weight, etc.

Question: This is called the amount of gravity pulling an object down.
Answer: Weight

Question: This refers to how much particles weigh on a scale.
Answer: Mass

Question: This refers to the amount of particles in a given space.
Answer: Density

Question: What is more dense? A block of cement or a block of wood?
Answer: Block of cement

Question: This force is lessened on the moon, making your weight less.
Answer: Gravity

States of Matter

Question: All states of matter contain microscopic material called......
Answer: Particles

Question: This state of matter's particles are very spread out and move alot
Answer: Gas

Question: This state of matter's particles are very structured.
Answer: Solid

Question: When a liquid turns into gas, this is called......
Answer: Evaporation

Question: Things like temperature and light can change states of matter. Things like these that can change a test are called......
Answer: Variables


Question: What is more viscous, syrup or water?
Answer: Syrup

Question: True or false. When a liquid is more viscous, it's particles are further apart than a less viscous liquid.
Answer: False. They are closer together

Question: To test viscosity, pouring a liquid down a slope and timing how long it takes to reach the bottom is called a...........
Answer: Ramp Test/Method

Question: When temperature decreases, what happens to viscosity?
Answer: It also decreases.

Question: How can you make a liquid less viscous?
Answer: Heat it up/turn up the temperature


Question: Buoyancy is an upward force that takes the opposite effect of....
Answer: Gravity

Question: When an object sinks, it's buoyancy is said to be....
Answer: Negative

Question: _____________ inside a glass brick keeps it from sinking.
Answer: Air

Question: When an object neither sinks or floats, it is said to be _________________ buoyant.
Answer: Neutrally

Question: Fish use these to keep them neutrally buoyant
Answer: Swim bladders


Question: The M in WHMIS stands for.....
Answer: Materials

Question: True or false. A sign that has a skull with bones crossing under it is a WHMIS sign.
Answer: True. Materials causing serious or immediate toxic effects

Question: The W in WHMIS stands for......
Answer: Workplace

Question: The WHMIS symbol that shows 2 beakers spilling a substance is called.......
Answer: Corrosive

Question: True or False. There are 8 WHMIS symbols.
Answer: True