4th Grade Plane Figures

Geometric Figures

Question: A location in space
Answer: Point

Question: Goes on without end in both directions
Answer: Line

Question: Lines that cross each other
Answer: Intersecting

Question: Part of a line with two end points
Answer: Line Segment

Question: Two lines that form right angles
Answer: Perpendicular


Question: This angle measures 180 degrees
Answer: Straight

Question: This angle measures more than 90 degrees
Answer: Obtuse

Question: This angle measures less than 90 degrees
Answer: Acute

Question: This angle measures exactly 90 degrees
Answer: Right

Question: Instrument used to measure angles
Answer: Protractor


Question: All sides are the same length
Answer: Equilateral

Question: At least two sides are the same length
Answer: Isosceles

Question: No sides are the same length
Answer: Scalene

Question: 70 degrees, 70 degrees, 40 degrees
Answer: Acute Triangle

Question: 105 degrees, 40 degrees, 35 degrees
Answer: Obtuse Triangle


Question: 3 sides, 3 angles
Answer: Triangle

Question: 4 sides, 4 angles
Answer: Quadrilateral

Question: 5 sides, 5 angles
Answer: Pentagon

Question: 6 sides, 6 angles
Answer: Hexagon

Question: 8 sides, 8 angles
Answer: Octagon


Question: 4 sides of the same length and 4 right angles
Answer: Square

Question: 1 pair of parallel sides
Answer: Trapezoid

Question: A flat closed plane figure with three or more line segments
Answer: Polygon

Question: Opposite sides are parallel and four sides are the same length
Answer: Rhombus

Question: Has opposite sides that are parallel and are the same length
Answer: Parallelogram