AIMS Word Problems

Multiplication Word Problems

Question: Miguel brought 7 boxes of donuts to share with the class. Each box has 8 donuts in it. How many donuts did he bring altogether?
Answer: 7x8

Question: Joanna owns 3 pet stores around Phoenix. In each pet store, she has 25 pets. How many pets does she own altogether?
Answer: 25x3

Question: Each question on a game show is worth 25 points. There are 25 questions on each episode of the show. How many points are there in total on each episode?
Answer: 25x25

Question: Paco filled 50 plates with cookies. He put 38 cookies on each plate. How many cookies did Paco use?
Answer: 50 x 38

Question: A bakery sells 2 types of muffins. They make 8 of each type of muffin in every batch they bake. They bake 3 batches per hour. How many muffins does the shop bake in 2 hours?
Answer: 96

Division Word Problems

Question: An artist wants to ship 40 sculptures to an art gallery in another city. If she can fit 4 sculptures in each shipping crate, how many crates will the artist need to use?
Answer: 4 crates

Question: Mari bought 24 strawberries. She divided them equally into 6 bowls. How many strawberries did Mari put in each bowl?
Answer: 4

Question: Wayne needs to get 210 ice cream bars for a summer party. If there are 7 ice cream bars in each box, how many boxes should Wayne buy?
Answer: 30 boxes

Question: 4 city buses can carry 128 passengers.

How many passengers can a single bus carry?

Answer: 128 divided by 4

Question: Mr. Lopez decided to make a deal with his 8 children.

If they cleaned their rooms, mowed the lawn, raked the leaves, and washed the cars, he would give them 120 dollars to split between them.

He said that each child must receive the same amount of money.

How much will each child get?
Answer: 15 dollars

Find the better buy

Question: Which is the better buy?

4-pack of light bulbs for $4.00


5-pack of light bulbs for $5.50
Answer: 4-pack of light bulbs for $4.00

Question: Which is the better buy?

6-pack of greeting cards for $9.84


7-pack of greeting cards for $11.13
Answer: 7-pack of greeting cards for $11.13

Question: Which is the better buy?

2-pack of ride tickets for $4.06


3-pack of ride tickets for $5.88
Answer: 3-pack of ride tickets for $5.88

Question: Which is the better buy?

3-pack of erasers for $1.68


8-pack of erasers for $4.00
Answer: 8-pack of erasers for $4.00

Question: Which is the better buy?

4-pack of pencils for $1.16


8-pack of pencils for $2.80
Answer: 4-pack of pencils for $1.16


Question: Enedina bought 50 cookies to bring to school. On her way to school, she couldn't resist and she ate some of them.

She showed up at school with only 35 cookies.

How many did she eat on the way to school?
Answer: 15 cookies

Question: There are 180 days in a school year and you get 3 assignments a day.

How many total assignments do you get in 1 school year?

Answer: 540 assignments per year

Question: Ms. P is at school each day from 7:00AM - 4:00PM. That is 9 hours.

How many hours does she work every week?
Answer: 45 hours

Question: Albert spends 2 hours a day playing video games.

How many total hours does he spend on video games in 1 week?

Answer: 14 hours

Question: Chris had 34 rabbits. He gave some to Malinda. Now he has 10 rabbits left. How many rabbits did
Chris give to Malinda?

Answer: He gave her 24 rabbits.


Question: Pies cost 4$ each.

How many pies can you buy for $28?
Answer: 7

Question: Steven had some jars of syrup.

He gave his uncle 6 jars.

Now he has 10 jars of syrup left.

How many jars of syrup did he have BEFORE he gave some to his uncle?
Answer: 16 jars

Question: A spider has eight legs.

How many legs do seven spiders have?
Answer: 7x8

Question: Antonette has 26 pairs of Jordans. Mary has 2 pairs of Jordans. How many more pairs of Jordans does Antonette have than Mary?
Answer: 24 more pairs.

Question: Nell has been collecting cards for three years.

She bought 29 the first year, 40 the second, and 63 this year.

Last year, she gave away seven, and this year, she traded away 17 cards in return for two.

How many cards are in her collection now?
Answer: 110 cards