World War 1

Causes of WWI

Question: What were the 4 main causes of WWI
Answer: Militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism

Question: Who was assassinated on June 28th 1914 and where was he from
Answer: Archduke Franz Ferdinand from Austria

Question: What was the thought of many on how the war would go at first
Answer: Would be quick

Question: Why did the U.S. enter the war
Answer: Unrestricted submarine Warfare

Question: What was the name of the terrorist group that assassinated Ferdinand
Answer: Black Hand, Serbian terrorist organization

War thoughts/strategies

Question: What was the new type of warfare called
Answer: Trench Warfare

Question: This was used to get people enthusiastic about the war and turn against different countries
Answer: propaganda

Question: What was the area between the trenches called and what weapon was used when people entered this
Answer: No mans land/machine guns

Question: 10. What called for a vast encircling movement through Belgium into northern France that would sweep around Paris called
Answer: Schlieffen Plan

Question: The entering of this country gave a boost of morale to the allies
Answer: 'Merica


Question: Who were Germany's allies in the Triple Alliance
Answer: Austria-Hungary and Italy

Question: Who were Great Britain's allies in the Triple Entente
Answer: France and Russia

Question: Who was the leader of Russia
Answer: Tsar Nicholas II

Question: Who was the leader of Germany
Answer: Emperor William II

Question: Who was the first country to declare war in WWI
Answer: Austria on Serbia


Question: This group of people took over jobs for those who were going to fight in the war
Answer: Women

Question: WWI was one of the main reasons women finally got this right
Answer: Right to Vote (19th AMENDMENT)

Question: The war helped bring an end to this, in society
Answer: unemployment

Question: Was the leader of the Bolsheviks
Answer: Vladimir Ulianov aka Lenin

Question: What type of government were the Bolsheviks
Answer: Russian Social Democrats

End of War

Question: Who was the President of America during WWI
Answer: Woodrow Wilson

Question: What was the final peace settlement of Paris
Answer: Treaty of Versailles

Question: Who was hurt most in the Treaty of Versailles
Answer: Germany

Question: How many points were in Woodrow Wilson's plan that was outlining what he believed justified the enormous military struggle
Answer: 14

Question: What was the only idea from Woodrow Wilson's 14 points to be passed?
Answer: League of Nations idea