APA style


Question: All Margins
Answer: What is 1 inch

Question: Spacing
Answer: What is double?

Question: Font size and type
Answer: What is 12 pt and Times New Roman?

Question: Five main title page elements
Answer: What is Running head, page number, title of paper, school/course name, author's name?

Question: Location and font style of 1st level headers
Answer: What is centered and bold?

In-text references

Question: Citations are placed in these within the text.
Answer: What are parentheses?

Question: Direct quotes require these before and after quoted material.
Answer: What are quotation marks?

Question: In the parentheses following a direct quote, these items are included.
Answer: What is author, year and page number?

Question: What to use in place of a page number for material quoted from a web page.
Answer: What is paragraph number?

Question: This is used when citing a work when there is no listed author.
Answer: What is a short or shortened title? (Placed in parentheses)

Reference list

Question: The word, 'References'
Answer: What is placed at top of page and centered?

Question: The reference list should be __________spaced and lines should be indented using _______________indent feature (after first line).
Answer: What is double and hanging?

Question: References should be listed (sorted) in this way.
Answer: What is alphabetically?

Question: These items should be italicized.
Answer: What is books and journal names?

Question: How to display a work with more than 7 authors.
Answer: What is...list first 6 authors, then an ellipses ... and then list the last author's name?

Punctuation & Capitalization

Question: In the reference list, these words are capitalized in a journal article title.
Answer: What is the first word of title, first word after punctuation such as a colon, period, or question mark, and proper nouns?

Question: Where the period is placed when a reference citation is in parentheses after a sentence.
Answer: What is after parentheses?

Question: The running head is displayed this way.
Answer: What is all capital letters?

Question: This is placed between the author's name and year within an in-text citation.
Answer: What is a comma?

Question: This type of punctuation is placed after a reference entry that ends in a URL (web address).
Answer: What is no punctuation is placed after this type of entry?

Grab bag

Question: Use this instead of directly quoting, whenever possible.
Answer: What is paraphrase?

Question: Long quotes are over ___words in length and within text, should be __________indented.
Answer: What is 40 and block?

Question: This is the first paragraph of any academic paper.
Answer: What is the introduction?

Question: When you use material other than your own and do not reference it.
Answer: What is plagiarism?

Question: This is one website that should be avoided as a reference because it is written by lay people and content can be changed by anyone.
Answer: What is Wikipedia?