Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle

Question: The type of rock formed from cooled magma or lava.
Answer: Igneous Rock

Question: What kind of rock is formed from heat and pressure?
Answer: Metamorphic Rock

Question: What process breaks rock down into sediments?
Answer: Weathering

Question: What are the two processes necessary to turn sediments into rock?
Answer: Compaction and Cementation

Question: What is the process that moves sediments from one location to another?
Answer: Erosion

Igneous Rocks

Question: The type of Igneous Rock that cools below the earth's surface.
Answer: Intrusive Igneous Rocks

Question: The type of Igneous Rock that cools above the earth's surface.
Answer: Extrusive Igneous Rock

Question: A coarse grained intrusive Igneous rock made of felsic minerals.
Answer: Granite

Question: A fine grained Igneous rock made of mafic minerals.
Answer: Basalt

Question: A frothy Igneous rock that floats in water.
Answer: Pumice

Sedimentary Rocks

Question: The three types of Sedimentary Rock.
Answer: Clastic, Chemical, and Organic

Question: The type of organic Sedimentary rock that is a fossil fuel.
Answer: Coal

Question: The two types of chemical Sedimentary rocks.
Answer: Precipitates and Evaporites

Question: A chemical precipitate Sedimentary rock made of small spheres cemented together.
Answer: Oolitic Limestone

Question: The clastic Sedimentary rock with the smallest grain size.
Answer: Shale

Metamorphic Rocks

Question: The two types of Metamorphic rocks.
Answer: Foliated and Non-Foliated

Question: This category of Metamorphic rock has minerals arranged in bands or layers.
Answer: Foliated Metamorphic rock

Question: This category of Metamorphic rock is the result of high heat and low stress, so no layers are created.
Answer: Non-Foliated Metamorphic rock

Question: This foliated Metamorphic rock has gemstone crystals in it.
Answer: Garnet Schist

Question: This non-foliated Metamorphic rock can have impurities that create swirls.
Answer: Marble

Grab Bag

Question: Oceanic crust is mainly made of this Igneous Rock.
Answer: Basalt

Question: Continental crust is mainly made of this Igneous Rock.
Answer: Granite

Question: Crystals have time to form in this type of Igneous rock.
Answer: Intrusive Igneous rock

Question: This type of Sedimentary rock is formed from the skeletons of diatoms in the ocean.
Answer: Chalk

Question: The meaning of the word "morph."
Answer: Change