Chapter 7 Jeopardy


Question: These are the highest mountain range in North America?
Answer: Rocky Mountains

Question: These mountains are called the Sierra Nevada in California, but are called by this name once the get further North?
Answer: Cascade Mountains

Question: These mountains run along the Eastern edge of our nation?
Answer: Appalachian Mountains

Question: This isn't exactly a mountain range, but rather a hard crust of rock that sits along the Hudson Bay?
Answer: Canadian Shield

Question: This range of Northern mountains contains Mt. McKinley, North America's tallest?
Answer: Alaska Range


Question: This river is the largest in North America?
Answer: Mississippi River

Question: This river, not the Mississippi, is our continent's longest river?
Answer: Missouri River

Question: This big river of the West divides Washington and Oregon?
Answer: Columbia River

Question: Quebec City and Montreal sit on this Northeastern River?
Answer: St. Lawrence River

Question: This river divides Mexico and the U.S.?

Answer: Rio Grande River


Question: Name the five Great Lakes?
Answer: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior

Question: This lake, not the Ocean, is very, very salty?
Answer: Great Salt Lake

Question: This is the largest of the Great Lakes?
Answer: Lake Superior

Question: This big lake is named for the Canadian province in which it is located?
Answer: Lake Manitoba

Question: This is the only Great Lake to not share a border with Canada?
Answer: Lake Michigan

Miscellaneous Landforms

Question: The hottest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was measured here?
Answer: Death Valley

Question: This enormous bay has the same name as a New York river?
Answer: Hudson Bay

Question: These islands belong to North America even though they sit far away in the Pacific Ocean?
Answer: Hawaiian Islands

Question: Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa all sit on this landform?
Answer: Great Plains

Question: Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi all border this big landform?
Answer: Gulf of Mexico

State Capitals

Question: What is the capital city of Illinois?
Answer: Springfield

Question: What is the capital city of Arkansas?
Answer: Little Rock

Question: What is the capital city of North Carolina?
Answer: Raleigh

Question: What is the capital city of Virginia?
Answer: Richmond

Question: What is the capital city of New Hampshire?
Answer: Concord